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Jars of Dough

You asked for it and we are happy to deliver our edible cookie dough in 4 ounce jars. Grab a spoon and dig in because there is happyness in every bite! Choose between our childhood classic flavors and fun and hip boozy flavors.

We have created recipes for all of our Jars of Dough that allows them to ship without cold packs. The dough is safe out of the refrigerator for seven days. Best of all, we stayed true to our bottom-line philosophy of using only the finest all natural ingredients, heat treated flour and no eggs.

Party Size Jars

Our 3 most popular flavors of edible cookie dough now in a larger size.

Cookie Mix

Choose from the following three 2-in-1 Cookie Mix options:
– Buy 1 bag of 2-in-1 Cookie Mix – $20
– Buy 2 bags of 2-in-1 Cookie Mix PLUS 2 jars of Happylicious edible cookie dough (you pick your flavors) – $50 — (the best of both worlds and the best shipping deal.)
– Buy 4 bags of 2-in-1 Cookie Mix – $65 — (great shipping rate.)


Minimum order 9 jars per flavor

  • Jar of Edible Brownie Batter - Irish Cream Flavor

    Boozy Irish Cream Edible Brownie Batter

  • Jar of Edible Cookie Dough - Amaretto Flavor

    Boozy Amaretto Edible Cookie Dough


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